"We work very closely with you to help you realise your vision. Keeping in touch throughout the development process is key to ensure you see progress and it also keeps us on track". You think it, we make it, you use it...
Working closely together we design a full specification to ensure that your expectations are met and delivered on-time and within budget
Using our Rapid-prototyping approach we get to work using the latest technologies to ensure that your solution will last many years
Deploy your application throughout your business. We are always here if you need us to help you along the way or add new features.
Below are some of the types of systems we develop for our customers:
Bespoke CRMs
Resource Planning
Customer Databases
Reporting Solutions
E-commerce Solutions
Stock control Systems
Active Office Screens
Finance Automation
Software development with mobile applications
In the enterprise sector, mobile software is often relied upon to provide information to its workforce. It is also used to capture information. Information needs to be there within a few touches or customers are lost. Recording data needs to be concise or its accuracy is diminished. These are crucial factors that must be considered to ensure the success of any mobile solution.

Over recent years, smartphones have become ubiquitous. Their popularity has driven the desire to make the devices more powerful and sophisticated. Despite being primarily aimed at consumer markets, businesses have also been able to benefit from this technology. On top of this, mobile networks have continued to improve. It is now possible to upload images and video within seconds, giving the potential for storing extremely rich content directly from your mobile workforce right into the heart of your business.

SPARK can develop bespoke mobile software for almost any purpose. Our extensive experience allows us to easily overcome the nuances that need to be considered when developing successful mobile software, such as form-factor and touch interface. Our systems can be used to deliver content or capture information on their smartphones over phone networks, allowing end-users to access the same data on their devices that back-office users access.

Our systems are proven enterprise mobility solutions that help companies across many industries to reduce paperwork, boost the productivity of employees in the field and eliminate cost inefficiencies.
Integrating with existing software solutions
Sometimes, you already have a working solution and simply require some additional functionality or modification to the way your existing solution works.

Depending on access to the data stored in your system, we can integrate with your solution. Integration tends to minimise the disruption caused when replacing systems outright. SPARK are integration specialists and are able to work with existing infrastructures.

We are also happy to work with other teams of developers and IT departments in order to fulfil your requirements. We frequently work as part of larger teams and have extensive experience with concurrent development, code synchronisation and communication.
Being connected with other businesses is important to guarantee the maximum efficiency of your solution. A staggering amount of time is often wasted reentering data into different systems.

Imagine a typical workflow scenario:
  • A customer emails a request
  • The customer details are entered into a CRM system
  • An order is raised manually into the ordering system
  • Invoices are raised manually in a finance system
  • Data is exported into a reporting system
Each process requires new records to be created but without any integration, time is spent having to enter the same data many times. These are ideal candidates for integration between systems. SPARK are adept at analysing business process procedures to determine how you can improve your workflow.
App development using cross-platform technology
Do you have an idea for an app? If you do then you have come to the right place. We offer mobile/smartphone application development at an affordable price. Whether you are looking to mobilise your workforce for data capture or create an App Store or Marketplace app for the masses, we can turn your idea into reality.
Our tried and testing development platform allows us to write cross-platform applications so your app can be deployed on iOS, Android or even Windows smartphones. This gives you greater control over your app enabling you to roll out new features and updates across the board quickly and easily. To see what we can do for you, give us a call or drop us a mail.
SPARK IT have done exactly what they said they would do. I just pick up the phone or drop them an email if I need anything - they always have time for my business
Director, ARGO UK Limited
We don't worry about our I.T. anymore, it's now taken care of by SPARK who do a great job whilst we concentrate on teaching & learning
Headteacher, Primary School
Our IT is fully up-to-date & secure. If we have any issues they get resolved quickly and efficiently - either remotely or on-site if required
Financial advisor, St. James’s Place

Below are just a few of the many clients we have worked with over the years. Our experience is developing end-to-end solutions spaning over 20 years.