Networking can be a complex task. We can manage your network infrastructure including:

Access point management
Installation of networking enquipment
Configuration of switches and routers
Staff and guest network management
Domain management
Adding new WiFi points

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Other Services
   Laptops & Desktops
We provide support for staff Laptops and Desktops which includes:

  • Installation & configuration
  • Fault finding including not booting or blue screen errors
  • Anti-Virus & Malware protection & Spyware removal
  • Internet and WiFi connection issues
  • Installing new software & OS updates
  • PC Crashing or Freezing computer
  • Data loss, retrieval and transfer
  • Training and tuition
   iPads & Tablets
Many Schools nowadays use iPads or Tablets as part of the curriculum to aid teaching and learning. Businesses use is also popular for data capture and product demonstrations. Managing them can be difficult. We offer:
Profile configuration
App Installation
Security / Lock downs
OS Updates
Online connectivity
Training & tuition
   Server Management
The most important part of any network is its servers. With a need for file sharing, access control, emails services and attendance management, servers play a crucial role in storing all of this information and making it available on demand.

Physical Servers
Each service is provided by a physical server e.g. Email server, attendance & finance, file sharing

Virtual Servers
This is where there is one high capacity server divided internally providing all services

Help is at hand
We can help configure, update & manage Microsoft & Linux servers
   Backup Solutions
With an increasing demand for technology, backing up data is a priority. We can implement daily backup routines to an on-site location or secure off-site cloud storage ensuring that key information like attendance, pupil & financial data is secure and safe in the event of a disaster.

Windows & Linux servers
Attendance data
Financial data
Shared area including personal files
Exchange email servers
Network configuration
On-site & Cloud based options
   Security & Filtering
Security, Internet filtering and Monitoring are hot topics in Schools & Businesses and need to be managed effectively for compliance. We can offer sophisticated tools to help keep Pupils & Staff secure when online and security features to help protect sensitive data

Firewall protection
Secure VPN (Remote Worker) configuration
Keyword monitoring
Search engine reports
DOS (Denial of service) prevention
Website blocklists
Inappropriate keyword blocking & reporting
Smartboards & Interactive whiteboards are expensive investments and are relied upon to deliver presentations, demonstrations & learning material.

We offer:

Installation & Configuration
Fault finding
Replacement pens
Regular cleaning of sensors
Software installation and updates
Projectors are commonplace in both learning & business environments. Without regular maintenance projectors eventually fail which can be costly. We offer:

Filter and lens cleaning
Bulb replacement
PIN Security
Thinking of upgrading your IT infrastructure or making a large investment in IT? If so then speak to us. We can offer:

Buying advice
Price comparisons to get best value
Trade & Educational discounts
Help with warranty options
Training is key to getting the best from IT. Staff productivity increases & the need for support is reduced. We offer:

Microsoft office training
How to use email
Using the internet effectively
Keeping safe online
Looking after your equipment
How to report problems effectively for quicker resolution
How to ensure you data is backed up including the use of memory keys
The most basic service we offer is remote support only.

We initially setup a secure remote connection and attempt to resolve issues remotely.

If a site-visit is required we will agree a convenient time and agree costs with you in advance
We can offer as little as one day on-site support per week which includes remote support.

This is the most common option to work with a fixed budget but also provides a ‘hands-on’ approach to help staff with day-to-day issues that can sometimes be resolved in minutes and also allows us to be pro-active with routine maintenance.
This option is an alternative to employing a technician directly.

We manage the technician ensuring that a cover technician is in place in the event of short or long term absence. We also manage the overall strategy to ensure that you get the most out of the contract.

SPARK IT have done exactly what they said they would do. I just pick up the phone or drop them an email if I need anything - they always have time for my business
Director, ARGO UK Limited
We don't worry about our I.T. anymore, it's now taken care of by SPARK who do a great job whilst we concentrate on teaching & learning
Headteacher, Primary School
Our IT is fully up-to-date & secure. If we have any issues they get resolved quickly and efficiently - either remotely or on-site if required
Financial advisor, St. James’s Place

Below are just a few of the many clients we have worked with over the years. Our experience is developing end-to-end solutions spaning over 20 years.