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Sometimes, you already have a working solution and simply require some additional functionality or modification to the way your existing solution works.

Depending on access to the data stored in your system, we can integrate with your solution. Integration tends to minimise the disruption caused when replacing systems outright. SPARK are integration specialists and are able to work with existing infrastructures.

We are also happy to work with other teams of developers and IT departments in order to fulfil your requirements. We frequently work as part of larger teams and have extensive experience with concurrent development, code synchronisation and communication.

Being connected with other businesses is important to guarantee the maximum efficiency of your solution. A staggering amount of time is often wasted reentering data into different systems.

Imagine a typical workflow scenario:

  • A customer emails a request
  • The customer details are entered into a CRM system
  • An order is raised manually into the ordering system
  • Invoices are raised manually in a finance system
  • Data is exported into a reporting system

Each process requires new records to be created but without any integration, time is spent having to enter the same data many times. These are ideal candidates for integration between systems. SPARK are adept at analysing business process procedures to determine how you can improve your workflow.



Specialist & Multi-Skilled workforce

We have a mixture of Specialist Skilled developers to work with our core-framework but nearly all of our developers are multi-skilled in a variety of different languages

Continuous professional development

Technology moves at a fast pace. We keep up to date with the latest development techniques and subscribe to some of the most advanced training courses available

Keeping up-to-date with technology

We are always researching new and emerging technologies along with developing our own unique products and services with our ethos of Research & Development

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